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About Us

Strength Through Independence

Welcome to Answer Home Loans, Inc. 

At AHL we believe in the value of your word and the strength of a handshake and we strive to conduct business daily with those values foremost in mind. Collectively our ownership team brings over 40 years of mortgage lending experience to the table and we have clients that have worked with us over that entire time.  You might say we are in the life long relationship business!

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Our Story

Answer Home Loans, Inc was established in 2017. Owned and Operated by Daniel Maybaum who brings over 15 years of experience to AHL. David Rodrigues brought on as President of AHL has over 11 years of experience working in the mortgage industry. Together they work daily to make AHL the premier mortgage broker in the greater Sacramento area.

No Matter Which Name You Choose To Conduct Your Business Needs, You Can Be Assured Of The Answer Home Loans, Inc.  Business Brand.

You Have Financing Questions, We Have Your Answers....

We Are Licensed In Multiple States









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Answer Home Loans

Strength Through Independence.

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