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Why Partner with Answer Home Loans?

Let me give you 10 reasons why!!

10 Reasons Why!

  1. With your DRE Real Estate License and NMLS Endorsement, you are considered an Independent Contractor and will be paid via 1099.  That’s correct, you get paid gross commissions on every deal.

  2. Our Lender Comp Plans are set across the board at 2.25%.

  3. Low-Interest Rates. Answer Home Loans is a Top 1% Broker in the United States due to our funding volume.  That equates to discounted interest rates for your borrowers.

  4. Retirement?  As an Employee, you can only put away $22,500 into a 401K.  As an Independent Contractor, you can put up to $66,000 away per year.  That’s 3 Times as much.

  5. You're in control.  As an Independent Contractor you control your hours, your loan volume and the lending sources to do business with.  The lenders fight your business.

  6. Branding…  Tired of selling someone else’s business name!  At Answer Home Loans, we allow you to brand your own company name.  We will even assist you so it’s done correctly.

  7. On average, our Loan Officers gross an additional $1827 dollars per loan in commission, while offering, on average, .250-.375 lower rates on Conventional Loans, and .500-.750 lower rates on Government Loans. 

  8. At Answer Home Loans we are averaging over 600 fundings per month with 72% of them being Purchases.  Our average contract to docs is less than 15 days.  Our Realtors love us.

  9. Answer Home Loans is the #5 broker in the US based on funded volume.  We have our own dedicated team with most lenders due to our funding volume.   

  10. Get paid the same day your loan funds.  No waiting.  Wires in are paid same day, and Checks in are paid next business day.  AHL pays its contractors faster than any other Mortgage Broker.  

Answer Home Loans

Strength Through Independence.

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