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Answer Home Loans 

Code of Conduct Guidelines

Code of Conduct Guidelines 


Use this Social Platform for:

  • Starting discussions and getting questions answered.

  • Sharing, finding and discussing helpful information.

  • Posting your news and connecting with others.

  • Sharing a Testimonial or Positive experience


Remember to be Respectful of others & Do not spam the chat.



* Answer Home Loans will not tolerate any harassment or hateful conduct, including discrimination, hate speech, bullying, or targeted attacks, Impersonating other users (less of an overt problem on pseudonymous platforms) Any violent conduct: extreme violence, graphic violence, threats, gore, obscenities, Sharing of private information, acting maliciously, linking products/services, soliciting, Spam, Scams, Phishing, illegal activity, Sexual Content, nudity, Copyright or Intellectual property violations. Anything that has been identified as the listed terms above may result in a ban from posting on this website as well as further legal action.

Answer Home Loans

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